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Drone LiDAR (Aerial LiDAR)

Drone LiDAR is unit that goes an unmanned aircraft such as a fixed wing UAV or multirotor drone. We mount /fit our drones with Lidar sensors to gather data for 3D point cloud terrain models. This is a more economical method for performing surveys of small areas compared to surveys with airplanes or helicopters.

We Mount LiDAR sensor on a drone, this helps us create high-resolution digital surfaces, terrain and elevation models. Since LiDAR can penetrate through light cover and is more accurate than other mapping methods like photogrammetry, it’s essential for people who might need to conduct urban surveys and see through objects on the ground like cloth or wires, or people who want to map overgrown farmland or even shallow water.

We deploy them in the following Applications and Fields:

  1. Transport Planning
  2. Mining
  3. Agriculture
  4. 3D Building
  5. Construction
  6. Powerline Inspection
  7. Topography and Baseline Surveys
  8. BIM
  9. Tourism and Parks Management
  1. Planning (Pre-Construction survey)
  2. Construction (Project Progress Monitoring)
  3. Assets Management (Volume Estimation)
  4. Inspection (Roads, Highways and Bridges)

Model the Mining zone using bare earth topographic models and incoporate the 3D site model.

Generate elevation maps to identify areas requiring improved drainage. Create 3D models of crops to monitor drought stress at different growth stages and optimize water use.

Survey and monitor ground elevation changes and the impact on field assets such as substations, towers and wind turbines.

We bring a thorough review of Highway and Roadways infrastructure covering details such as potholes and cracks, boundaries, demarcations, divider alignment, soil embankment, street lighting and other highway furniture.

Record as-built information and streamline site planning by capturing the exact detail of the ground, soil excavation, buildings and existing structures.

Airborne LiDAR system integrates GPS (Global Positioning System), IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and a laser scanner, which are mounted on aircrafts or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

LIDAR DEM is used to plan the park and tourism area. High accurate land surface model helps to find the best area to have playground, trees and walking trail. 

BIM technology allows an accurate virtual model of a building to be constructed digitally.