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Our forte is designing regimented geodatabase to capture, store, analyze, and manage different types of geospatial data. We design, build and develop location based software that are foolproof, easy to integrate with other systems and facilitate data management. Taxi ailing apps are more popular choice for transportation today. These apps are prime examples of using LBS technology to provide a more user-friendly experience.
MAP & ALLIED is a self-motivated leader in GPS/LBS products and services. We’ve a strategic Partners in Mobile assets, significantly reducing associated with those activities by increasing utilization, decreasing direct and indirect costs, increasing productivity and sales, fully automating business processes or providing forms and tools for mobile workers, and measuring performance.

Location-Based Services

Location-based services (LBS) refers to services that are based on the location of a mobile user as determined by the device’s geographical location. LBS applications provide services and information that are most relevant to the user at that location.

Location APIs & SDKs Services

Software development toolkits allow developers to add functionality to their applications and enable them to build the standard components of their apps easier and faster. Typically, a map API includes features for geocoding, reverse geocoding, geolocation, directions and navigation, touch-screen interaction, different types of maps (e.g., terrain or satellite) and customizable control objects.