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Cloud GIS

Map & Allied provides a solution that allows you access your GIS environment from anywhere with the click of a button. Our cloud services offer a comprehensive approach to GIS infrastructure management, with the flexibility to scale on demand.

We provide you with options to pick from the big players like;  Map2NetArcGIS OnlineGIS CloudMapBoxMango MapCartoDB and MapInfo Stratus.

Advantages for Cloud GIS.

  • Conveneient Data Access via internet connection,anytime, anywhere.
  • Distribution of data: If you have a range of remote users then cloud GIS makes the distribution of your data, analysis and systems very simple
  • Data Capture: Having a cloud GIS allows data capture in real or near real time to be displayed directly onto your system
  • E-commerce: Ability to sell your data or online services to a wider audience
  • IT Management: Dedicated GIS Administrators as the GIS hosting can be outsourced.


Work with M&A cloud architecture team of experts to determine your Cloud environement needs. Get a well researched and intelligently-designed cloud deployment solutions for all your GIS/Mapping Solutions.

Manage Services

Leverage the our GIS IT deparment to manage your cloud GIS infrastructure. Monitor and manage complex geospatial cloud environments like ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS.

Cloud Hosting

Get unparalleled speed and scalability, with un matched flexibility to grow on demand

Our Cloud Environment Solutions