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Drones for Confined Space Inspection

Accessing and inspecting the confined spaces in the oil and gas industry, construction sites and other facilities can be challenging. Confined spaces present potential risks and more over limited spaces may hinder the workers’ accessibility, movement or ability to perform comprehensive and effective inspection.

The solution to all these challages is the use of drones to safely access and inspect confined spaces such as tunnels, pipes, ducts, tanks, chimneysand others.

We provide you with a solution by using special technologies, softwares, HD Cameras, LED lighting and othr tools to enables ypu get a comprehensive confined site inspection. We help you inspect dark or contaminated areas and places such as culverts, ducts, manholes, inspection pits, boreholes, excavations, sumps, storage tanks, boilers, furnaces, stacks etc.

Benefits of drone-based inspections

  • Time saving thus reduceding cost of Inspection
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Cheap to maintain and run
  • Comprehensive quality data capture and reporting
  • Improved safety