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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are enabling construction operators to map out a potential site remotely, lessening the need for humans to make needless trips. Detailed, high-resolution images not easily obtained using traditional construction surveying equipment can be provided by drones, enabling planners to more accurately pinpoint potential issues and allow for more effective deployment of equipment once construction begins.

Spencer Chin

Drones are equipped with multiple features to help capture key data on building sites, including cameras, GPS units, thermal sensors, and infrared sensors.

Taking the technology a step further, photogrammetry software can combine the images to generate geo-referenced 2D maps, elevations and 3D models.

Construction Drones

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Due to their ability to map vast quantities of land, drones can exponentially cut down on time spent visualizing a site’s topography. Furthermore, the high-resolution images produced by drones can be manipulated into 3D models, allowing the construction crew to pinpoint challenges during pre-construction and spot mistakes in the scope.

UAVs are very useful tooo for inspection, they can check stability and minute details, and take high-resolution imagery for analysis. Thermal sensors can detect heat leaks, cold spots, and any electrical issues.

Drones can replace workers in situations where the health at safety of the worker can not be guranteed, this also include convined spaces, thus reducing the risk construction workers face on the field.

Drones provide you with the flexibilty to monitor the site conveniently at any location.