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Consumer IoT Solutions (CIoT)

We leverage IoT and advanced analytics to help companies in the consumer sector meet the shift from traditional products to those with embedded intelligence.
From connected cars, to wearable or mountable devices.

Consumer IoT trends are setting an example with every step because of their extensive usage and capabilities when combined with GIS. We can deploy Asset Tracking Applications, Home security etc.

 CIoT refers to an interconnected system of physical and digital objects, personally used by a consumer.

Smart Homes

We provide comprehensive Smart Home IoT based solution. These devices and applications include home automation products like smart kitchen gadgets and security systems with face recognition and voice control.

Connected Cars

IoT-enabled vehicles can report live data back to relevant control centers to help improve road safety and urban traffic control. Drivers can be updated on areas of particular caution, predicted traffic and road condition

Personal IoT

We deploy the use of different applications and softwares for wearable, hearable, smartphones and personal laptop gadgets. These include smart watches, activity trackers and smartphones. We also build web apps for user convenience.

Smart Buildings

By Installing sensors on to the exterior of buildings to monitor and control interior atmosphere. Aspects like sunlight, temperature and wind speed can be monitored and used to adjust humidity and lighting in offices.