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GIS Digital Marketing

M&A takes the leverage of GIS by giving people options for working with or viewing spatial and geographic data. See your customers, profile and segment.

• Spatial insight – Know where your potential market is
• Visualization – associate relevant information (spatially)
• Spatial analysis – provide numbers for decision-making
• Communication – a map is wroth a thousand words (who’s your audience

Geo-Marketing is an excellent tool for displaying data that has a geographical context. It can help to obtain answers to questions like:

  • tell you WHERE your customers are
  • visualize any data in a geographic context by linking it to a digital map.
  • locate something on a digital map
  • calculate summary information for specific areas
  • select customers within specific areas
  • select customers with a certain radius of a point
  • using micro-geographic segmentation select customers similar to a specific type
  •  solve problems regarding location of a new outlet