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Drone LiDAR Services

Drone LiDAR (Aerial LiDAR) is unit that goes an unmanned aircraft such as a fixed wing UAV or multirotor drone. We mount /fit our drones with Lidar sensors to gather data for 3D point cloud terrain models. This is a more economical method for performing surveys of small areas compared to surveys with airplanes or helicopters.

  1. Land Surveying
  2. 3D Building Modes
  3. Powerline Inspection
  4. Topographic and bathymetric surveys
  5. Forestry and precision agriculture
  6. Tourism and Parks Management
  7. Modelling of the Pollution
  8. Mining
  9. BIM
  10. Transport Planning
  • Planning (Pre-Construction survey)
  • Construction (Project Progress Monitoring)
  • Assets Management (Volume Estimation)
  • Inspection (Roads, Highways and Bridges)