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Energy & Utilities

As a Utility company, your primary goal is Planning and Managing facilities to deliver commodities such as water, natural gas, or electricity your customers. The utility sector is one of the expanding sectors. And utility management is one of the basic needs of modern infrastructure management.

At Map & Allied we give you a peace of mind by providing with geospatial and location information of underground utility lines. Our GIS-based utility mapping system is also important in avoiding excavation damages, helpful in repair and replacement of utility lines because of preciselocational data.

We’ve given so much thought into the design of our GIS Database, a databse with functionalities of query making, statistical analysis with visualization capability, and geographic analysis is the advantage of GIS maps.

Utility Survey and Mapping

Utility agencies need extensive data collection related to their assets and consumers, for efficient distribution management and service delivery. We undertake large scale measurement and contact surveys to create comprehensive geospatial databases for consumer indexing and asset management. Realizing the critical need of meeting cost, speed and accuracy requirements simultaneously, we have designed innovative solutions, employing a judicious blend of technologies.

Projects include:

  • Sewer, Water, Optical fiber and Electric Asset Mapping, Coding and Consumer Indexing
  • ▪ Railway line Mapping


The telecommunication industry rapidly expanding. For business growth company should know where their facilities and customers exist.

Electricity Mapping

Mapping through GIS, and Metering of Distribution Transformers and Feeders. Mapping of all electricity assets and the distribution of the network