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Field Service Management

Componets of field service Management

Field service management typically involves dispatching workers or contractors to a location outside company premises to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems or assets. Fieldworkers can use mobile apps, smart maps, and dashboards to see the real-time status and location of projects and staff.

With the help of GIS and field service management automation software, it’s easy to generate a heat map of customer locations visualized on a map. Allocate resources based on demand.

Get the whole story and a clear picture of field events in real time. These include Tracking and routing of technicians, customer deliveries and customer invoicing.

GIS map overlays and demographic data enables sales and operations teams to see where there may be opportunities for new clients. This is important tool for planning.

Spatial proximity analysis is where technicians spend their time in relation to an asse.

Being able to redline asset updates to reflect changes in the field increases efficiency, while ensuring the data is as accurate as possible.

Select clusters of job and run them through an automated route optimization routine that recommends the optimum route to minimize travel or windshield time, boosting productivity. Harness the power of mobile apps for critical functions such as data collection and route optimization

By attributing a theme to the same or similar assets ifor easy and quick visualization and analysis. Unlock the power of Smart maps and dashboards, illuminate critical field operations, empower on-the-fly improvements, and reveal deeper insights about projects and resources.