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GIS Consultancy

Our GIS Department  offers GIS and digital mapping consultancy services, providing innovative, tailor made solutions at a cost-effective price using the latest geospatial information technology. We provide leading GIS Expertise, Technical Supoort, Technical Advise and GIS Training Services.

M&A GIS Team is composed of highly qualified professional with expertise and qualifications in GIS, geography, Mapping, Survey, environment, urban planning as well as remote sensing.

Our GIS Consultancy Services

Our portifolio illustrates a wide range of GIS Consultancy services including: Data Collection, data cleaning and verification; Map Production; Develpment/Programming of custom GIS tools; Spatial data Analysis; GIS and Remote Sensing Training; Data Processing; GIS Project Management and Open Source GIS Application Deployment.

Street Data Digitization
Data Digitization & Management

Get a clear view of data inputs in digital format. utilize our expertism and Learn the process by which coordinates from a map, image, or other sources of data are converted into a digital format in a GIS. We have got you covered in all your map management needs.

GIS Web & App Development

Development of a web GIS system that is mobile first, intuitive and offers ubiquitous access to various stakeholders. Our web GIS system will behove the below features among other things.

Web Analytics
GIS Modeling & Analytics

By harnessing GIS data analytics, we identify new ways to consolidate performance with precision, visualization for any business that needs to manage information that is based on location can benefit from the implementation. Be it Data Manipulation, Overlay Analysis, GIS Database retrieval, Proximity Analysis, 3D Analysis or Network Analysis

Survey and Data Collection

Map and Allied has you covered in from Aerial to Ground Data Collection. Collection of precise location POIs with defined attributes (Business Listings), Mobile Mapping Surevy; We bring onboard an efficient tool, surveying drones, which boast quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience and highway mapping technology.

Aerial Imagery
GIS (2D/3D) Map Production

A top-down map of a survey site, or asset, built by stitching hundreds or thousands of digital photos – collected by the drone – together. These real-world, geo-referenced 2D maps offer a stepping stone in the generation of 3D meshes that can be incorporated to provide an alternative perspective within a digital twin. Get the real picture of your site.

Tanzania Higway
Custom Cartography

Map & Allied map Making Process and consultancy services:

  1. Collection, Organization and Manipulation of data
  2. Design and Preparation of Maps
  3. Map Reproduction