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GIS in Local Governments?

Local Governments in urbanized environment are face with many challenges and need a comprehensive way of handling information and sata, GIS for local government bodies such as townships, cities and counties can be highly beneficial.

GIS is the solutiona nd answer to local governments that are faced with the management of rapid growth, as well as those trying to cope with a diminishing tax base.

GIS as a location based services helps counties manage operations and isssues rekated to location, such as: land, or tax parcels are the primary source of income; utilities, such as electric power distribution and sewers, service parcels of land; individuals,
whether they are voters, school children or mass transit users, are spatially distributed; services, such as schooling, police, and
economic development incentives are provided by defined geographic areas.

Business and Policy Context.

Kenya’s Ministry of Planning and Devolution together with the County Governments are subjected to GIS based database system as a media for planning in the County Government. The plan will be part of the integrated development plan which shall;)

(a) Have attached to it maps, statistics and other appropriate documents; or
(b) Refer to maps, statistics and other appropriate documents that are not attached but held in a GIS based databse sytem.

Our GIS Applications and Solutions for Local Government

  1. Law enforcement and Criminal Justice

Solutions that allow law enforcement and crimainal justice personell to plan effectively for emergency respone, determine mitigation priorities, analyze historical events as well as predict future events.

  1. Cadastral/Land Records

GIS is a powerful tool that helps in planning, building and safety, public works, engineering professionals meet or exceed their goals. Some of our solutions in this field include:

  • Demographic Analysis for community development, housing, capital improvements etc.
  • Building Identification, Permit and Inspection operations such as Land Rates, Permit Tracking, Inpection Routing, Tax calculation and Report Production.
  • Preparation, mapping and analysis of general plans, housing elemets, land use, controls, zoning and consistency issues, existing land use as well as future review, development constraints and facility locations.
  • Customer Services, the information can easily be accessed by the locals as well as staff. This could be information on parcel maps, evironmetal zones, permit satus and other planning iformation for the public.
  • Demographic characteristics of population catchments
  1. Public Safety: Emergency management, traffic route planning, Emergency response, evacuation action plans, Climate change scenarios relating to predicted sea level rise


GIS for National Government

Governments all over the globe are increasingly required to streamline practices while adherring to complex political and regulatory requirements, one way of doing this is setting up a GIS infrastructure to help them in handling the collection, management, and automatation of data on a very large scale. GIS is the key to better decision-making and as a planning tool. Most government services are tied to location and rely on the use of geographic information to achieve their goals. Some of these disciplines include:

  • Land-use & Urban Planning
  • Subdivision review
  • Law Enforcement e.g. Permit tracking, crime control
  • Land Administration and Land Records/Parcel tax mapping
  • Election and Border demation
  • Engineering design
  • Road and utility maintenance
  • Event (crime, fires, accidents)
  • Health and Human Services
  • Economic Developmet
  • Emergency,Disaster Management
  • Public Works (Infrastructure assessment and development)
  • Cartography
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Management
  • Green asset management
  • Property management

Our Solutions

Based on world cutting edge GIS technologies, our solution embeds seamlessness and scalability that allows extensive customization to best-fit your current and future expanded needs. End users do not require GIS knowledge or technical skills to use applications built using this GIS technology. They interact with the system through thin clients (such as web browsers) or thick clients (such as ArcGIS Desktop).

Technical Consulting & Training

Our GIS Department offers GIS and digital mapping consultancy services, providing innovative, tailor made solutions at a cost-effective price using the latest geospatial information technology. We provide leading GIS Expertise, Technical Supoort, Technical Advise and GIS Training Services.

We create secure and customizable web and mobile apps. Our Programmers develop web baased or mobile GIS app by intergrating with robust databases and working with popular services like ESRI ArcGIS/QGIS, Google Maps, Bing Maps, HERE, and Mapbox

Gis Analysis & Data Processing

Get a professional view and a better understanding of your data with proper GIS analysis, to visualize and indetify key trennds and patterns in data tied to location.

GIS Database Design

Our forte is designing regimented geodatabase to capture, store, analyze, and manage different types of geospatial data. We design, develop, and integrate large spatial databases using Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL with PostGIS, with Command Line Utilities such as GDAL/OGR.

Field Data Collection

We outsource our Field Data Collection Team for hire based on demand, be it Point Data Collection or Mobile Mapping Survey.

We also provide solution that will seamlessly integrate with the desktop solution as well as the Server solution, creating one complete environment. This will enable data updating mechanism, GIS data from field will have intuitive mobile mapping as well GIS tools in the field providing field officers with the ability to visualize, search, locate, collect, inspect and communicate using up-to-date geographic data and maps.

3D GIS Services and Modeling

We offer a suite of 3D building products for 3d visualization, GIS applications and architectural modeling. Our products are accurate, geo-registered (x,y,z) models provided in formats ready for most 3D application tools. Accurate geo-registered 3D “block-style” building models that provide users with block geometry and elevations

Project Management

Get a better path and good prediction model using our services in your project management.