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Indoor and Mapping Positioning

With the fast development of mobile Web and computing technologies, as well as increasingly availability of mobile devices, mobile information technologies have revolutionary influence on the human society. The Development of mobile computing (PDAs, tablet PCs, laptops, etc.) has recently (since about 2000) spurred the use of digital mapping in the sciences and applied sciences.

Navigation is one field that has evolved and tremendously grown over the past few years. Commutting from one point to another by using navigation has become one of the indispensables of not only our daily work but also our business life. That is is ofcourse with the exemptions of enclosed spaces such as shopping malls,railway & airports terminals, hospitals, warehosues and factories where there’s limited or interference GPS signal in the navigation systems.

Indoor Technologies

Indoor mapping specializes in mapping building floor plans. It can incorporate Revit, BIM, and CAD, and build a seamless 2D or 3D for different floor levels inherent in buildings.

Indoor Mapping

Indoor Mapping is the means of using various technologies to determine the location of a device indoors. The platform allows navigation inside buildings using a combination of spatial data and 2 or and 3D map content.

Indoor Positioning

Indoor positioning is a technology which allows users to accurately pinpoint the location of people or places inside a building, using any device in real time.