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LiDAR Data

This is the data optained by LiDAR sytems, installed on UAV, Aircraft, or Mobile Vehicle. Aerial LIDAR systems are represented by laser scanner for remote sensing of the earth’s surface.

LiDAR data (and also some point clouds, which can be obtained from another sources)
are delivered in LAS formats files. LAS formats contain XYZ coordinates of the laser reflection points and their attributes

LiDAR Discipline
  • Engineering
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Electric & Gas Utilities
  • Batural Resources
  • Cost effective
  • Ability to gather elevation data on dense forests
  • Works at all hours of the day and night
  • No aberrations in the geometry
  • Not affected by extreme weather conditons

LiDAR Data Processing

LiDAR Data Processing Services

We provide a wide range of LiDAR data processing services that help in creating Digital Elevation (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), and Triangulated Inverse Networks (TIN).

We understand the need and demand for Precise, quality map data, when it comes to LiDAR data processing, you can rely on us, be it airbone and terrstrial/mobile LiDAR.

Our team of experts have a wide experience in executing projects in:

  • Transmission and distribution corridors
  • Raillroad and asset mapping
  • Highway/Road Mapping
  • 3D Modeling, walk-through and 3D visualization
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Topographic Mapping
Our LiDAR Data Processing Services
  1. Bare Earth Extraction (DEM/DTM)
  2. Airborne LiDAR Data Processing
  3. Image Overlay and Point Cloud Colorization
  4. 3D Building Modeling
  5. Powerline Classification & Vectorization
  6. Orthophoto Generation & Color Balancing
  7. 3D-Feature Vectorization
  8. Breakline & Contour Generation