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Custom Mapping Services

We have identified and work with mapping service companies that provide HD map content in transportation, logistics, automotive, and retail industries. This put together with our team of experts help our clients get consistent and data-rich mapping content.

We help you with:

• Application and Service Development

Our forte is designing regimented geodatabase to capture, store, analyze, and manage different types of geospatial data. We design, build and develop location based software that are foolproof, easy to integrate with other systems and facilitate data management.

• Platform SDK and API Development

We are the experts in providing the best Mapping & Location APIs solution. M&A is East Africa’s leading PHP and Progressive Web App Development Company that offers a wide range of software and Mobile app development solution along with Map services.

• Data Processing and Validation

WE provide the most reliable and precise map content to the Map consumers. Over the years we’ve established efficient and reliable map collection, storage and processing tools and equipment.

• System Integration

Due to the variety of systems and integration requirements, we help you build a secure platform with external source and services. Our common intergation points include: Customer Information System (CIS), Work Management System (WMS), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Distribution Planning (DPS), Outage Management System (OMS), Weather, Document Management, SCADA & AMI/MDM, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) etc.

• Map Compilation

Speed up the your map editorial and preparatory work, compilation, and the preparation of map originals for publication (map design).

• Field Data Collection

Each day, hundreds of our highly trained field researchers drive and re-drive highways, streets, alleys and rural roads. Armed with a high level of training and our proprietary collection technology, they build a database from a driver’s view. And it’s built to a single global standard.