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Mobile LiDAR

Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning, or MLS, is a land surveying method that uses laser systems mounted on moving vehicles. MLS systems can be mounted on land-based vehicles such as cars, trains, and trucks; airborne vehicles such as UAVs and helicopters; or boats. This type of remote sensing surveys landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, and infrastructure corridors, such as railways and roads.

Mobile Mapping Survey

We bring onboard a precise technology by use of state of art drones and software. This allows us to create deliverables such as topography and contour maps, with 2S and 3D models. We bring a thorough review of Highway and Roadways infrastructure covering details such as potholes and cracks, boundaries, demarcations, divider alignment, soil embankment, street lighting and other highway furniture.

We provide Mobile Mapping Survey using the latest technology, this has been necessitated by our continuous innovations and experience working with expert organizations and navigational companies. We MMS technology to generate and build a database from a driver’s view and to a single global standard. Our solutions begin from low cost terrestrial MMS to LIDAR.

Using LiDAR allows the global acquisition of 3D data with topographic precision over long sections of road and motorway. This helps us generate:

• Road Signage – Straight up and leveled, traffic signals
• All street furniture up to back of pavement
• Road Diagnostics
• Buildings
• Vegetation – trees, tree planting, hedges
• Survey of civil engineering structures
• Inspection of tunnels
• Lanes and Frontages
• 3D inventory of anti-noise devices
• Route Types/Classes
• All surface types and changes