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Mobile application development is the process of creating software applications that run on a mobile device, and a typical mobile application utilizes a network connection to work with remote computing resources.

Development Approaches
  1. Native Mobile Applications
  2. Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications
  3. Hybrid Mobile Applications
  4. Progressive Web Applications

Web Programming (Web Mapping)

We deploy the use of:

  • Geo Server
  • MapGuide Open Source
  • GeoMajas
  • MapFish
  • MapServer
  • Open Layers
  • OpenWebGIS

Custom App Creation (Programming)

Build apps with Map API and SDK
Mapping Services companies have developed APIs and SDKs for clients to customize map content as to their niche, such as Delivery Services, Fleet Management etc. This has presented an opportunity for us to help the clients with development and customization of these applications. We are the experts in providing the best Mapping & Location APIs solution. M&A is East Africa’s leading PHP and Progressive Web App Development Company that offers a wide range of software and Mobile app development solution along with Map services. .

Unlock the power of location!

Case use of Map Integration Platform
  • Get transportation directions
  • Creating a Map
  • Measuring distance and ETA
  • Mixing Maps information
  • Finding your location
  • Setting routes
  • Getting traffic information
  • Verbal instructions
  • Location sharing
  • Location editing
Our Platfrom Developmetn Services
  • Digital platform design & development
  • Infrastructure/IT services optimization and automation
  • API and system integration
  • Platform governance
  • Data engineering
  • Platform maintenance & support
  • Security and Assurance