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We at Map & Allied bring together the use of Satellite/Aerial Remote Sensing, Positioning Applications, GIS Databases, Applications/Software, GIS Web-services and Network to automate and digitize your world.

We operate in East, Central and West Africa through an elaborate business partner network with a growing client base through working in partnership with the respective government agencies in the region. We’ve been involved in the creation and development.

Rely on Us for:

  • Custom Geospatial and GIS Development
  • GIS Database Design
  • Geoprocessing and Geocoding
  • 3D GIS Services and Modelling
  • Map Application and Service Development
  • Mapping System Integration
  • Map Compilation
  • Map Data collection
  • Map data Analysis

Our vast expertise and experience allows integrating GIS, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) services, by using high-end GIS Mapping and GIS data conversions and processing software. We provide consulting and GIS software development services covering accurate positioning and spatial data management. Our services are not limited to:

We have identified and work with mapping service companies that provide HD map content in transportation, logistics, automotive, and retail industries. This put together with our team of experts help our clients get consistent and data-rich mapping content.
We help you with: