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Route tracking

Route tracking analyzes data from vehicles or individuals to reveal patterns around your city.

Benefits of Route Tracking and Route Planning
  1. Route Optimization
  2. Route Monitoring
  3. Customer Updates
  4. Proof of delivery
  5. Delivery constraints
  6. Use route replays and KPIs for instant driver debrief

Tracking and Routing

Track your vehicles, crews and infrastructure live on map so that you can manage your operations remotely. M& A enables your business to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation through our engineering expertise and experience in GPS fleet management solutions. We do so by use of location technologies, machine learning algorithm and IoT connectivity.

Our real-time GPS tracking provides fast, effective dispatching:

  1. Track your truck routing and directions: Monitoring ongoing routes to increase transparency and cut down on inefficiencies
  2. Build a mobile-first app designed for two-way information flow between drivers and dispatchers, tackling last-minute job scheduling and route changes. Reduce driver stress with voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation based on real-time road conditions and regulatory restrictions.
  3. Driver and job analysis: Get a clear picture of the route performance by comparing planned to actual routes and applying location data to gain real-world context, Send directions to drivers
  4. Optimize Routes: Optimizing your multi-stop, multi-driver routes in the most efficient way possible