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My Locator Branch and ATM Locator Platform

Explore hassle-free banking with our Branch and ATM Locator. Effortlessly find nearby locations, access operating hours and services, and plan your banking activities seamlessly through our user-friendly mobile and web platform. Experience convenience like never before.

Smart Search and Filters

Effortlessly find the nearest branches and ATMs using our intuitive search functionality. Tailor your search with filters based on services, operating hours, and more.

Interactive Maps

Visualize your banking landscape with interactive maps, providing a clear overview of nearby locations. Easily plan your visits and navigate with confidence.

Easy to customize

Tailor the Locator to suit your preferences with easy customization options. Personalize your experience for a banking solution that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Detailed Location Information

Access comprehensive details for each branch and ATM, including services offered, operating hours, and contact information. Make informed decisions on the go.

Real-Time Updates

Stay in the know with real-time updates on branch status, operational changes, and new ATM installations. Enjoy banking that adapts to your dynamic needs.

Mobile Accessibility

Access our Locator seamlessly on your mobile device, ensuring you have banking convenience wherever you go. Find, plan, and transact effortlessly on the move.

Locate, transact, and stay informed with our Branch and ATM Locator features. Your convenience is our priority
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We take pride in our extensive network of esteemed clientele

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Branches, ATMs and Agents

Unlimited bandwidth for listings, ensuring that you can seamlessly explore and access information on branches and ATMs without any restrictions.